Scott Clements founded It’s A Wrap Video Productions.  After a long career in sales & marketing management with Procter & Gamble,  Scott took the knowledge he gained in branding, combined this with his love of sports and created a sports video business focused on recruiting and skills videos.

At It’s A Wrap Video Productions, we understand what coaches and scouts want to see and we make it as easy as possible for them to like and recruit a player.  Our videos are all created with coaches and scouts in mind.

We don’t just shoot video, we take video footage (yours and ours) and create a compelling reason for coaches to want player on their team!  We feel that each individual athlete has talents and skills that will appeal to coaches.  We make sure to understand what these are, then we communicate these things throughout the video and we hammer those points home!  Our marketing and branding expertise is what sets It’s A Wrap Video apart from the rest…loading random video clips in to a timeline is NOT the way to get the attention of coaches…make sure there’s a strategy!