Skills video to showcase strengths and abilitiesShow Them Your Stuff! – For some sports, showing your skills on the practice field might be a more effective way to show your game in a concise manner that gives a coach all the footage they need to know if the fit with you is right.  Our videographers and editors will have in depth knowledge of the sport they are shooting and a good knowledge of the kinds of skills coaches want to see.  We have been known to stay late and re-do drills in order to get the footage we know is needed, rather than settle for second rate footage.

Skills Video Process

Skills videos are a bit different from recruiting videos in that we film you performing skills on the practice field as that’s what most coaches want to see.  (Baseball & softball are examples).

Here are the steps in producing a quality Skills Video:

Step 1:

Determine how many players will be getting a skills video and contact It’s A Wrap Video for a quote.

Step 2:

Pay Your Initial Deposit  (approx. 50% of the estimate) and this will get the “Ball Rolling”

Step 3:

Schedule a day to shoot the skills video.  This can be difficult to coordinate all the players, coaches, videographer and to get field availability.  If there are numerous players (5 or more), we also might consider breaking up the filming in to 2 separate sessions on different days.

Step 4:

Submit your  It’s A Wrap Player Profile form.  This will be the document where we pull in the “Selling points” for each player.  We will need their top accomplishments, stats, honors and other recognitions, along with personal information Size, speed, contact info, etc.

Step 5:

Shooting Day(s):  We will send you a document to help ensure you are ready to go on the day we shoot.  We need to see the athlete’s “A” game!  Be ready to work as we will typically stay late to get quality footage.

Step 6:

The Editing Process: It’s A Wrap Video will produce your initial video rough draft.  It’s A Wrap Video editors all have sports backgrounds and a keen eye to help chose the best clips to use in the final production.  We will add the graphics to the compelling video and send you a rough draft.  When this is completed, you will have one opportunity to make changes without incurring any additional charges.  It is very important to look at all spelling and ensure the information is accurate.  All change requests must be sent to us in writing on one email and we will update the video and post it online for you to share.  The balance of your payment is also due at this time.

Step 7:

It’s A Wrap Video will make all requested changes and post the finished video to YouTube.  This will, typically, take just a few days from the time we get your final changes from you.

Step 8:

It doesn’t stop there….we will also help educate you on ways to use the video most effectively.  Just putting it online doesn’t ensure viewing by hundreds of coaches.  There are things you can do to distribute the video in a way that coaches will be more likely to watch it and respond to it.  We help you here as well by sending you our “Getting the Most out of Your Recruiting Video” training paper.

Sample Videos