Professionally developed recruiting videosWe can videotape your game or skills with our own professional Videographer OR you can send us your own plays on video for us to edit.  We will add professional arrows, text and/or crosshair markers, along with your accomplishments, contact information and key statistics.  When we are finished editing, we will send you your personal Youtube link to use and share with college contacts and others who might be able to help distribute your highlight video.  We will even give you one chance to change any element of your video to correct errors or omissions. We want it to be right!

All Videos Include:
  • Player isolation (arrow or crosshairs) to highlight player if needed
  • Player Introduction and Conclusion (Optional)
  • Player Opening Page with Key Stats
  • IAW “QuickClips” to pique the interest of the coach
  • Ongoing player info and branding during Action Clips
  • Our “Reinforcer” Pop-Up Graphics Throughout Video
  • Music – Our stock Music will play on all formats (Recommended) OR you pick own song (But may be copyright infringements in some countries and while played on some formats)
  • Conclusion page with key accolades and accomplishments
  • Upload to Youtube or Vimeo.  We will write description and enter search words,  Easy to imbed and enhance key search words
  • We use professional video, editing and sound equipment for a quality experience!

Sample Videos