Highlight videos displaying best momentsThe process can vary, depending on where all the assets come from and what kind of graphics you request, but here are the basics.  Feel Free to call It’s A Wrap Video @ 858-776-2078 for more details on your specific questions so we can begin production on your top quality Recruiting Video.

Highlight Video Process

Step 1: 

Fill out an Inquiry Form with details of your specific situation and your needs.  It’s A Wrap Video will contact you with an estimate for your project.

Step 2:

Pay your initial deposit (approx. 50% of the estimate) and this will get the “Ball Rolling”

Step 3: 

Gather Video Assets – It’s A Wrap can film your games OR we can work with video from other sources, such as DVD’s, online video & other digital media.  We recommend getting approximately 15-30 action clips for a quality video, but this can vary from sport to sport.

Step 4: 

Fill out an It’s A Wrap Player Profile:  We will help you determine what qualities and attributes to highlight on the video.

Step 5: 

Submit your player profile, along with your video clips to It’s A Wrap Video.  This may be via email, US Mail OR via an online sharing folder we set up for you.

Step 6: 

It’s A Wrap Video will produce your initial video rough draft.  When this is completed, you will have one opportunity to make changes without incurring any additional charges.  The balance of you payment is also due at this time.

Step 7: 

It doesn’t stop there….we will also help educate you on ways to use the video most effectively.  Just putting it online doesn’t ensure viewing by hundreds of coaches.  We help you here as well by sending you our “Getting the Most out of Your Recruiting Video” paper.

That’s it, in a nutshell….occasionally, information may change and you might want some of the video updated.  We’re always available to give you a quote on making changes down the road!

Sample Videos