We understand what coaches and scouts want to see.

We produce compelling video footage that highlights an athlete's talent and skills.

We produce customized recruiting / skills videos that work!

Coaches want to see your “game” in as little time as possible, with access to all the information they need.

We produce each video to ensure we highlight what makes an athlete special! We take video footage (yours and ours) and create a compelling reason for coaches to want a player on their team!

Our Process

We feel that each individual athlete has talents and skills that will appeal to certain coaches.  We make sure to understand what these are, then we communicate these traits throughout the video and we hammer those points home!  We make sure there’s a strategy behind each video!

Step 1

Learn & Understand

We first learn about our client athletes to determine what their most compelling skill sets are that make them a valuable commodity to their target program (colleges, professional teams). We also help athletes select the appropriate target, based on skills & academics. What is the “niche” the athlete will fill at the next level?  We make sure the video tells this story!

Step 2

Gathering Assets

We then move forward to collect elements that will show clearly what makes the athlete special! We gather pictures, video, interviews, and build a profile with data provided by the client. We gather video clips that will clearly show the unique skill sets of the athlete. We can use existing assets of the athlete, we can shoot some the video ourselves, or we can implement a combination of the two methods.

Step 3

Video Production

Once we have sufficient assets, we then move on to produce a compelling highlight/skills video designed to strategically get the attention of coaches and scouts at the next level! We incorporate music, pictures, video, and graphics in our It’s A Wrap Video strategic format to give our athletes the best chance to get noticed and start the conversation.

Step 4

Distribution Strategy

We put the video on YouTube or other online platforms, but, We don’t stop there! We then help educate players and parents on how to use their video in ways that will give them the best chance to get the attention of coaches & scouts AND streamline the process to make it as easy as possible for the athlete to get noticed and be recruited.

Get noticed by scouts

You’ve worked your whole life perfecting your skills.
We’ll help you share them with the world.

What They’re Saying

“The most important thing I learned is that I needed to get prepared and go for it when dealing with college coaches. It’s A Wrap helped me and I got really good at talking to them.”

Justin L.Athlete

“It’s A Wrap makes the process very easy with a professional attitude. We loved the end result and the response to our daughter’s video has been great! We recommend It’s A Wrap Sports Video!”

Maricelle G.Goalie Mom

“Your video played a vital role in my daughter getting a scholarship on the east coast. Our family thanks you again.”

John C.Field Hockey Dad

“We got many compliments from college coaches on our video and it made all the difference in the world. We recommend It’s A Wrap to anyone looking for help playing in college. ”

Josh S.Soccer Dad

“Can’t thank you enough or tell you how happy we are with the video. Our son chose a school on the east coast and he couldn’t be happier.”

Brian O.Soccer Dad

“Its A Wrap Video did a great job creating a highlight reel for our daughter’s lacrosse season. From the time we submitted our selected clips to the finished video was only a week, which was better than we could have hoped!”

Jena J.Lacrosse Mom